Red Hat Linux Certified System Admin – SA3



Course Description:

Red Hat Certified System Admin – SA3

The RHCE Training Syllabus comprises of 3 Module , first two module is from RHCSA Part (RH124 , RH134), if you go with Red Hat System Administration III (RH254) course then it will be RHCE Training.

RHCSA : Red Hat Certified System Administrator

  •   Red Hat Certified System Admin – SA1
  •   Red Hat Certified System Admin – SA2

RHCE : Red Hat Certified Engineer

·        Red Hat Certified System Admin – SA3 ==> This course module will teach to third book

This course specifically designed for students who have completed Linux Certified System Admin – SA1/SA2. Linux System Administration is designed for experienced Linux system administrators with the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification or equivalent skills.
This course is intended to help students broaden their ability to administer Linux systems at an enterprise level.

Course Outline


·        Red Hat System Administration II

·        Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Controlling Services & Daemons

·        Overview of Systemd in RHEL 7

·        About Daemons, Process & Services

·        Primary advantages of systemd over init

·        Features of systemd

·        Practice Lab Sessions

Managing IPv4 Networking

·        NetworkManager Overview

·        Viewing networking information

·        Familiar with nmcli command

·        Configure & modify the Nic Interface using nmcli

·        Practice Lab Sessions

Network Teaming

·        Overview of Network Teaming

·        Policies of Network Teaming

·        Creating teaming virtual interface – (how to configure NIC Teaming as Active Backup (Failover)

·        Managing Network Teaming

Managing DNS for Servers

·        Overview of DNS Servers

·        Concepts of DNS

·        Root Name Servers

·        How dns works over the internet?

·        BIND Packages

·        Types of DNS Servers

·        Overview of Resource records

·        Configuration Steps of DNS Server

·        Practice Lab Session

Configuring iSCSI Targets & Initiators

·        About iSCSI

·        iSCSI fundamentals

·        iSCSI Components terminology

·        Practice Lab Sessions


·        Overview of NFS

·        Services of NFS

·        How NFS works?

·        Various configuration files of NFS

Writing Bash Scripts

·        Bash Shell Scripting basics

·        Writing Bash Scripts

·        Variables & for loops

·        Practice Lab Sessions

Conditional Structures

·        if/then Statement

·        case statement

·        Practice Lab Sessions


·        Overview of firewalld in RHEL 7

·        Features of firewalld & its advantages over iptables

·        Enable/Disable a Service

·        Lab on port forwarding

·        Managing Rich Rules

·        Lab Session on Rich Rules

·        Masquerading & port forwarding

·        Practice Lab Sessions

Apache Web Server Administration

·        Basic Setup

·        Verify installation

·        Package files

·        Main configuration file(s)

·        Backup

·        Edit the httpd.conf configuration file

·        ServerRoot

·        PidFile

·        ServerName

·        Add site to /etc/hosts file

·        DocumentRoot

·        ErrorLog

·        Listen

·        Create your HTML documents

·        Start the Web Server

·        Access the web site

·        Summary of basic setup

·        Directory tags

·        Order (allow, deny)

·        Indexes

·        Virtual Hosts

·        .htaccess

·        Create .htaccess file

·        Create .htpasswd file

·        Copy .htaccess to restricted directory

·        Configure httpd.conf to allow authentication via .htaccess

·        Encrypted Sessions

·        Main configuration file(s)

·        Edit the ssl.conf configuration file

·        Openssl & Mod_ssl

·        LoadModule

·        Listen

·        VirtualHost

·        Create SSL certificate

·        Create Certificate Authority (CA)

·        Create server key

·        Edit ssl.conf configuration file

·        Server Certificate

·        Server Private Key

·        Certificate Authority

Postfix Mail Server Configuration

·        The structure of the Email System

1.1 Mail User Agent

1.2 Mail Transfer Agent

1.3 Mail Delivery Agent

1.4 SMTP

·   Configuring an RHEL Email System

·   Postfix Pre-Installation Steps

·   Installing Postfix on RHEL 7

·    Configuring Postfix

·    Starting Postfix on an RHEL System

·     Configure a Null Client

·     Relayhost

·    Introduction Dovecot, Imap & pop3

·    Configuring Dovecot

·    Thunderbird – Mail User Agent ( Configure Mail Box)

Who this course is for:

  • There is no formal prerequisites for this course; however, previous system administrator experience on other operating system would be very beneficial.


  • PC or Laptop with internet Connection

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